Monday, November 3, 2008

Sign Up Day

Today we had a busy morning. When you are living on a military base, halfway around the world, you have a lot of paperwork to do. Brian woke up early and checked into the base. He had to get our passports stamped so that we can go in and out of Japan multiple times. Then he had to go to legal and get a general power of attorney so that while he is out to sea, I can sign a lease for off base housing for him. Oh, us spouses get to forget our ss#'s here. Everything is done under your military spouse's #. Then he had to go to the housing office to give them a copy of his check-in orders.

He came and picked me up and we called personal property and told them we are here and gave them a contact number. GOOD NEWS!! Our express shipment is already here!! BAD NEWS!! We don't get to see it until we find a home off base! Not really too bad of news, where would I put that stuff in a hotel???

Then we walked over to the Fleet and Family Service Center and signed up for some classes. Michael and I are going to take the drivers class early, probably next Wed. Then we went to the Second Fiddle which is a Thrift Store run by the Atsugi Enlisted Spouse's Association. I found out that the next meeting is this Thursday. That will be nice to go and meet some other wives. I didn't see anything interesting in the thrift store. Then we went to the Community Bank. Community Bank is owned by Bank of America. We had to open a checking account there because there isn't a Navy Federal here on this base. It is also where I will exchange dollars for Yen.

We went over to Subway at the NEX food court and grabbed some lunch. Then, as if we didn't do enough paperwork already, we went to the clinic to turn over our medical/dental records. I made it to dental. The really sweet lady at the window noticed that I needed a crown replaced (it was noted in my record). Great. I'm thrilled to say I have an appt. on 11/10 to do that. Loads of Thrills. She also gave Bryan an appt for Orthodontic screening. GOOD!! Hopefully he will get some braces soon!!

By that time, medical was closing for lunch and we had to get back to get ready to be picked up by SK2 to go see my pets! SK2 picked us up and off we went to Camp Zama. She took a different route this time and it is really neat to look out the car windows at the shops and houses along the route. Bryan and I stopped at Zama American Middle School to pick up the paperwork that needs done to sign him up for school. It looked like a very nice school. Bryan was not happy to be there. I think he's enjoying his break from school.

We got to the Vet's office and I picked up all the paperwork I needed to fill out for the pets. They have an appt. on 11/25 to be released from quarantine. I can get it sooner if I need to. I don't think we will have a house before then. I hope we find one quick.

FINALLY, I was able to walk over and see my doggy. She was so happy to see me. She wanted me to hold her close. I miss her so much, it broke my heart to leave her again. I made Brian take her back to the cage. I just couldn't do it. Mr. Jenks, the cat, is doing well. He was happy to see us and be petted too! I think he is doing well there. They moved him to a new crate and it is large and they have a towel hanging down for him to hide behind.

After all of that, we came back to the hotel, I made some dinner and the rest of the night we are all going to rest. I am still trying to get over this lousy cold/allergies mess. I think it will be better tomorrow. But, I'll be sadder tomorrow about my honey leaving. Oh well, such is the military life. Ups, downs and in-betweens.

I do have to say that I have met some really nice people the last few days. They are all in the same boat we are in and it's nice to know that you can have a chat with someone who understands.

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