Sunday, August 17, 2008

Within 75 Days

August. Wow! That came up fast! I don't believe it, in less than 75 days, my family and I will be MOVED to Japan. It's sinking in quick. We were able to complete more items off of our list. We signed with a property manager to rent our home while we are away. We purchased two more huge suitcases for the trip. We received our travel arrangements and are flying from DC to Japan and made the arrangements for the pets to be on the plane with us. We purchased a soft-sided crate for my puppy to go on the plane with me. I cleaned out more stuff and gave it away or sold it.

I was very excited to start a new Forum on Proboards entitled Atsugi Navy Families, I have not been able to find a good site for networking and support of Atsugi families. So I created one and have had good response from other wonderful people going to or already at Atsugi. My goal is to make it so when people search for help for PCS'ing to Atsugi in the future that they will find our board and it will help them immensely with their research and move.

We were so happy to have Hunter for 10 days in a row! We had so much fun together. She really loves to watch me cook. I always try to tell her how I make everything, in case any of it sticks! For some reason, she loves to peel potatoes with her Dad. We had a large Luau/Pirate Pool Party for Hunter and Bryan last Saturday. I had about TWENTY 12 year olds running around my house. 10 spent the night! The girls didn't fall asleep until 4:3o a.m. Yikes. It took me almost 3 days to recuperate. Hunter and Bryan both had a wonderful time!

My Grandma turns 80 this month and my bestest friend in the whole world turns 39. Don't tell anyone I'll be right behind her in April. That's okay, I'm just gettin' better!

My hubby and I went to Glazenfyre in Chesapeake, VA for a Luau Night. Glazenfyre is a ceramics shop run by two wonderful people, Scott & Diana. I painted a cat to look just like my own Mr. Jenks. Brian painted a mosaic tile. It was lots of fun and a nice way for Brian and I to spend some time together.

We are STILL trying to sell my truck. Amazing to me because it's such a wonderful car. I'm going to miss my 4Runner so much!

Hunter and Bryan are doing extremely well in Gymnastics. I am so impressed with how much they are learning. Hunter is working on her back tuck and Bryan has started working on layouts. They love it and it's so nice to see them working hard and getting rewarded.

Michael starts college this week! Yes! I have a kid in college. Wow! It's so hard to believe. They grow up WAY TOO FAST!

The rest of August will find me packing and sorting and starting to inventory. Mom moves into her apt. on Sept. 1st. She has already started packing. We also are filling out the paperwork so we can get our absentee ballots to vote. I have to start looking into the advance notification form to send to Japan for the pets arriving at Narita International in Tokyo. They have to have it 40 days in advance.

Again, busy, busy, busy. But, it's good Busy. And I am very thankful for everything in my life. God has blessed us immensely and I never take it for granted.