Friday, May 2, 2008

April Showers, May Flowers

My birthday in April was very nice. My beautiful best friend sent me lovely flowers and gifts. My loving husband bought me chocolate, dinner and a comedy show. My Mom gave me a delicious ice cream cake and I received many, many wonderful birthday cards from my family and friends.

I'm 38 this year and the happiest I've ever been. De-stressing your life is sooooo refreshing!!!

I just returned from a trip to my Grandmother's to drop off my China and Crystal that I'm not taking to Japan. Just the beginning of my sorting, downsizing and packing. I realized that I really have 8 different things that could happen to my personal possessions:

1. Went to Grandma's
2. Going to my Dad's
3. Long-Term Storage
4. For Sale
5. Thrift Store
6. Express Shipment
7. Regular Shipment
8. Taking it with us on plane

You could really say 9 if you add the stuff I will throw away!

Anyway, today was very eventful for my husband. Today was his last day at his command. He is happy and excited, he is on leave for 3 weeks then it's off to school until October. Luckily school is here in VA. He received a NAM (Naval Achievement Medal) today.

The other Good News is that we received our Family Entry Approval today!! It was the last bit of paperwork we needed to know that we were 100% going to Japan. We will give a copy to the travel folks, so that they can schedule our travel and a copy to personal property, so that they will actually ship our stuff to Japan.

So, things are going along smoothly. We are getting excited about our trip to Denver to see our good friends John and Jennifer. Then I will be moving my sister back to Georgia and watching my niece graduate from high school. So, May is very busy for us.

June will be even busier, but that's another post!!