Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 Years Completed in Japan!

Wow! Has our time in Japan flew by!! I can't believe we hit the two year mark on October 30th!! We are winding down on the cruise season and I should actually be able to spend some time with my husband for the holidays and beyond. The last 12 weeks or so have been spent cheering for and supporting Bryan as he played football for Zama American High School! He was #83 on the JV team. It's his first year of high school and his first year playing football. We enjoyed the games and meeting new people. He is happy to have his free time back now that the season is over.
The weather is gorgeous in Japan now. This is an ideal time to be sightseeing. Tomorrow we are taking the train to Shibuya. We will visit the Hachi statue at Shibuya station and the Hello Kitty store inside the 109-2 building. Shibuya is one of the busiest station's in Tokyo and is always cram-packed with people. It should be interesting!!
All of us are still loving living in Japan and we look forward to our last year to year and a half here. We've no idea when the Navy will send us back to the states yet!! I still have so many places left to see. We are currently making plans to visit Sydney, Australia for my Birthday in April! EXCITING!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Cherry Blossom Season is Over.....

This was our second Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. I was so excited with the anticipation of the trees budding then blooming in full vibrant color! This is my absolute favorite thing about Japan and it is these memories of the brilliant pink trees that I will carry home with me and through the rest of my life. I wish that my family and friends in the states could see them for just a moment through my eyes. Japan is transformed into a magical land. We were blessed to be able to take the tour to Takato to see the Takato Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a small park that used to be a castle area that has 1500 Cherry Blossom trees! It was absolutely amazing and I'll never forget it!! We are having a fabulous spring in our home. Michael is doing well and Bryan is getting ready for summer!! Bryan wants to play football for Zama High School this year. He starts spring training in May. Brian is doing very well at work and up for Sailor of the Quarter! I'm so proud of him. I keep telling him that he's My Sailor of a Lifetime!! It's amazing how the time here in Japan is flying! I have been so busy with so many things. I'm still of the mindset that I don't want to miss anything that Japan has to offer, so I am always on the go! I LOVE teaching English to Japanese students. Of course it helps that I have some AMAZING students and teach for a WONDERFUL school! My Birthday was the other day and I spent the whole day just thinking about how amazing my life has turned out to be. I am so lucky to have my awesome husband in my life and two wonderful, kind boys that are quickly turning into men. Thank you God for blessing me with this life and I will always remember what you have given me. My sister's baby was born this month, Micah. I am so thankful that he arrived safely with no complications and I can't wait to see him!!! We have more adventures planned for this year, so I'll try to come back and get this updated!