Friday, July 11, 2008

Family, Friends, and Fireworks

4th of July has always been a richly celebrated holiday in my family. My oldest son's birthday is near the holiday so we usually make it a combo party. This year, like many years past, we travelled to Georgia to spend glorious hours with our loved ones.

I also took this time to say good-bye to my extended family for 3 years. I cannot believe how big my nieces and nephews and cousins have gotten. It made me the saddest to think how much more they will have grown by the time I see them again. Luckily, my family is very good at showing the youngest ones pictures of us so that they remember who we are. Although I will forever be known to my youngest nephew as "the one who bought me my Little Einsteins video". hee-hee.

A wonderful man at the end of my Dad's street in Grayson, GA, let off a fireworks display for the whole neighborhood and more. It was the largest private display of fireworks I've ever seen. Actually the only larger public display I've seen was at Disneyworld on 4th of July. It was amazing.

We also visited the World of Coca-cola in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun. We especially liked our encounter with the Polar Bear.We were glad to return back home again. My animals missed me.... This week we are putting my car up for sale, sniff! I will miss my beautiful 4 Runner so very much. Since I am not working now it doesn't make sense to keep that payment and insurance and the gas prices right now.

Love you to my family for making our trip to Georgia so wonderful. I can't wait to see the Fireworks displays in Japan.