Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Months Completed in Japan

Today marks the completion of our 5th month in Japan. We are all settled and feeling comfortable in our lives here. The house feels like home and we are starting to feel the same way about our base community.

The weather has been warmer, but still chilly and windy days mixed in. The Cherry Blossoms are coming out this week. I hope to take a lot of pictures this weekend. They are so beautiful!

This weekend I will be saying my first of many good-bye's to my husband. He's off to Virginia for some school for a couple of weeks. I am very sad about that! But, he is happy to be able to spend some time with Hunter and my Mother. I am jealous that he will get to eat at some of my favorite restaurants and he will be gone for my birthday!

I am busy with my friends, sightseeing, classes on base, our command's social events committee, and with all the other MOM things. I have made 3 new Japanese friends and it has been so much fun to get to know them. Two of my friends visited me at my home last week. We made Easter Eggs. The Japanese do not celebrate Easter, so they really enjoyed me telling them about our traditions and making the eggs with their small children.

Michael is enjoying his job at the HOME store on base. He starts his new position teaching English at a school. He only has 1 day per week, 6 classes. But, he will be making very good wages and he is excited. He continues to be on the bowling league and is making new friends.

Bryan is doing well at school and has made two good friends. He is well liked at school, so I'm sure he will make more. He is patiently waiting for us to be able to move on base so he can spend more time with his friends. He also is still on a bowling league and loves it. He is looking forward to playing flag football this fall. He is also very excited about his trip that we booked to the states for this summer. He misses his Grandparents and his best buddy, Jerry. Bryan has appts. in April to start getting his braces. He's a little nervous about that!

Bryan and I spent Saturday together riding the train to a couple of different locations. I want him to be able to read the train maps and feel comfortable riding the trains. It is very safe here and it is perfectly reasonable to allow him and a friend to go a few stops on the train by themselves. But, I am going to be sure he knows how to do that first!!

This past month has been very busy!! We went to the Tagata Fertility Festival, (WARNING, ADULT CONTENT, If you want to know more about the fertility festival, use this link: http://www.yamasa.org/japan/english/destinations/aichi/tagata_jinja.html )explored Sensoji temple, Brian and I had our Anniversary trip to Tokyo, and we went to Yokohama's Landmark tower. It's amazing how busy I stay here. I have chosen a few tours for April for Bryan's spring Break and I can't wait to share our fun!

We are very happy with our new home and so glad we chose to come to Japan. We are looking forward to the rest of our time here. It is going so FAST!