Monday, November 10, 2008

Japanese Toilets and The Star Spangled Banner

If I told you that I am not leading an interesting life lately, you'd have to make me tell you the truth. It's amazing to me the things that we stumble on daily here in Japan that make you go "hmmmm".

Take Japanese toilets for instance. Now we had already had a first experience with the super deluxe toilets at the airport, but I was tired then. Today, Bryan and I grabbed breakfast quickly at McDonalds. We had to go into the bathroom to brush our teeth, because we had stopped in on our way to the Clinic for our dental appointments. McDonalds is always a good choice before a dental appt. if you think like a 13 year old. Or if your 38 and thinking that you are getting a crown and you won't be able to eat later.

So, here I am walking into the McDonalds Bathroom and much to my wonder and surprise are two sparkling super deluxe Japanese toilets. Of course I only needed to use one of them. I walked in and put my fanny down and I just can't tell you the joy that you feel from the warmed seat. If you don't like anyone hearing you tinkle (or worse) you can push the music button or the "flushing sound" button. HEE HEE. If you want to be in for an extra treat (if your hubby has been gone out to sea for a while, for instance) you can push the "spray" button. Let's just say that you don't usually squirt a spray of water THERE. HA HA HA There's also a "bidet" button and a "STOP" button and a "Heavy Deodorant" button or something like that. I don't think I wanna push that one.... So much amusement out of a trip to the bathroom is usually not to be had in the states, unless it is a truck stop bathroom, which can be pretty amusing at times.

Then there is the horn blowing and anthem playing on base. In the morning at 7:55 a.m. they play something on a horn at the flag raising. I'm not sure what that is called. Then at Sundown they play taps, then the Star Spangled Banner, and then the Japanese anthem. I might have this all backwards, but it is amusing, at least until you get used to it. The nice thing is that you don't have to worry about setting your clock, you can just tell them, I'll be over at half past the bugle playing. LOL!!

For anyone wondering, my DH "deployed husband" is doing very well out there. He is happily getting used to life on a ship again. Except for the food, he became very irritable today when I told him (via email) that we were having spaghetti for dinner. However, he became joyous again when he sent me an email with the subject line: "Sorry for Your Loss" and the email talked about the Steelers losing to the colts.

Bryan is officially signed up for school. He can start on Wed. but he has chosen to start on Thursday. Lucky for him, that I am a nice Mom (and feel guilty for uprooting him from all he knew) and have let him have his way since it is only one day. He even purchased his gym uniform today from the Army Base PX. PX/NEX what a bunch of jargon!!

While we were on Camp Zama, I was able to take Dolly her new things that I bought her. She is safely ensconced in a new completely indoor kennel with her PINK microfiber bed, sporting her new sweater, and nibbling on her new teddy bear. Spoiled dog. I MISS HER SO MUCH IT IS INSANE!!! But I do feel like a much better Mom today after seeing her warm and cozy. Mr. Jenks is also very happy with his new furry mouse toy. He was swiping at it as we left.

GOOD NEWS: I was able to make a bee-line to housing this morning and talk to Ms. Rinko and ask her a couple questions about the Japanese house. After 3 questions, we both decided that this was the house for us and she pulled the listing and tucked it safely away so no other lookers could see it. Yippee! That means we have a house Ya'all! My gracious landlord is looking into adding a gas line so that we can have an American Oven!!! Wow! I wasn't expecting that, but he has my total respect now. He's pretty certain we can get the queen size box springs up the steps. We may have to hoist them straight up and down, but they can probably go. And #3 issue solved, the school bus stops about 4 blocks down from the house in front of a book store.

SCARY NEWS: Sherry has to learn to drive in Japan pretty darn fast. Michael and I go for our driver's class on Wed. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that I pass it the first time!! We are going to start studying the signs this weekend. Michael has to only drive on base the first 30 days so it will be me driving everybody around. That is pretty scary!! Our house will be ready on the 26th of November. The pets can come home that day!! Yippee!! I love it when a plan comes together.

Michael has made friends with Laura's husband and they went bowling together today. I'm so glad he has someone to talk to. I think he was really getting bored. As soon as he and I go through AOB/ICR class next week, he can start thinking about getting a job.

Well, I stayed awake until 10:00 p.m.! That was my goal for tonight! Tomorrow, it's off to look for a deal on a car. Woo-hoo! NOT! But it should be a very relaxing, at my pace, Veterans Day. From me to all of our Veterans, Thank You for your service and sacrifice to our country. We are proud of you!

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