Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Little More Information

Okay, after a little research we discovered that even though our orders will say Yokosuka, will be at Atsugi because we're attached to a squadron.

So, we will be doing research on Atsugi. I did find a few very nice folks to speak to about their time in Japan. I look forward to meeting a few of these people when we get there!

I have started a notebook with many different sections for all of the things we have to work on. Passports, school registration stuff, pet stuff, housing, etc.

I am a little worried about the housing situation there. Apparently some of the families stationed at Atsugi live in housing on a nearby base, Kamiseya. They are closing that base, I believe turning it over to the Japanese, and moving all of the Atsugi families back to the base.

I may not have base housing for a year and a half. Very sad about that! So, I need to rethink and get used to the idea of living in a Japanese home. I've heard they are very small but quaint. We'll see.........

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