Saturday, September 8, 2007

6 Days Left!!

The big day is coming very quickly!! We have been researching all the locations mentioned in my last post. Even though we are leaning towards Italy, we are fairly certain that there will be no jobs posted for Italy. Most of the jobs there are for shore duty and we are rotating to sea duty.

This means that our chances are about 90% that we will go to Japan. As Atsugi has an airbase, that is probably where we will go. MS (my sailor) would like to be attached to a squadron instead of a ship (ie: USS George Washington). This means he would be home every night that they aren't out of port. If he's attached to a ship, he will have ship duty. Duty at a squadron is done at home.

We have been noticing anything Japanese the last few days. Up until now the only thing Japanese that affected us was Kyoto, our favorite Japanese Steakhouse. Their is a serious lack of information on the web about Atsugi. Only basic information can be found, and that makes us a little nervous.

I have been able to contact an ombudsman for the base. She told me to contact her with any questions we have.

But for now, we will wait 6 more days to see what comes our way. In the meantime, I'm having weird dreams about all I have read. Especially about the raw whole squid that I saw on a blog. The blogger said her neighbor in Japan gave it to her as a thank you gift. Hmmmm..... Who wants to guess how I would handle that?

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WaDaBabe said...

WOW...I hope you do get to see the world! Then you can tell me all aobut it.