Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where in the World?

I'd like this blog to be about where my family ends up in the world. We are currently stationed in Virginia. My husband is in the Navy. We want to go overseas. We have an appt. with a detailer on 9/14. Today is 9/4.

10 DAYS! 10 Days to have anxiety about what will be available to us. 10 Days to imagine moving to a foreign land, that I know nothing about. First thing about me, I am extremely excited! I want to go see, explore and live another culture. My family and I love to travel and look forward to being immersed in another country!

In the meantime, I'm biting my nails. What if I end up in Guam. Sorry, no need to go there. Brown snakes on their website. Doesn't sound very interesting.

Hmmmm, Atsugi, Japan. Lots of culture, polite Japanese, new language (for me), sightseeing galore.

But then there's Sigonella, Italy. History surrounds you there, gorgeous island, mysterious Mt. Etna. Who can decide!!

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