Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend with my Husband

So nice to have my husband back home. Even if it is only for a few days. Friday after we ran some errands we had lunch at Skymasters. Skymasters is the CPO (Chief Petty Officer) Club on base. They have a fairly good menu of mostly American food. I didn't feel like eating, I just wanted to hug my husband!! After that we spent the afternoon getting caught up and then headed back to the base to see Star Trek (the movie). I was surprised by how good it was!!! By the time we got home, it was late and we were tired. Saturday morning I woke up early. I came downstairs for my coffee. There is just something about the quiet of a house and knowing that the love of your life and your children are tucked soundly in their beds. They are at home and safe and warm. Us military wives appreciate that feeling all the more!!! All is right with the world when you are all together. Who cares if I had dishes to do or clothes to wash or bathrooms to clean. It's all part of it, right? It was a happy morning.
Brian and I went over and picked up our good friends Julie and Charles and their youngest daughter, Rylie. We parked at the Navy parking lot and walked over to the train station. We rode the train one stop to YAMATO train station. Yamato station is a nice little area. It has lots of shopping and restaraunts and one of my favorite stores, Fuji Garden. I've blogged about it before. On this day, we came to Yamato to check out the Flea Market again. The flea market is held there every month on the third Saturday of the month. It is in a courtyard area right at the train station. I would guess there were around 70-80 tents of people selling things. Very similar to an outdoor flea market in the states.
I saw many, many things that I would have liked to buy, but I have very expensive tastes and didn't have enough $$ with me. I did find a few miniature animals to add to my collection. Two dragons, two dogs and a mini tiger. So cute!! Brian and I saw a framed painting that we really liked. The price on it was 8000 yen. That's about $80.00. We said we would think about it and kept looking. When we arrived at the end of the rows, Brian said, "I really liked that picture. Do you think I can offer him 40.00 for it?" So, we made our way back there and he accepted 4300 yen for the picture. We really made a deal. The frame alone is worth more than that!! What do you think of the picture? It is really cool. It looks like it is smears of paint on metal. Almost a metallic paint. The gold in it is very vivid. It may be gold leaf? The back of the painting has a card with the information in Kanji or Japanese. I will have one of my friends translate it for me.
After we finished our browsing, we all went to the "Italian Tomato Cafe Jr." for lunch. We had pizza with chicken on it, a nice green salad, mango juice, two Latte's, and some strawberry cake. YUM! It was very good. It was about $25.00 for all of that. Julie had spaghetti and it was also very good.
That evening, we rented some movies, and then we got bored. So Brian and I went over to Neverland 2. This is a game center that I have also blogged about before. We decided to play one of the "medals" games. They are similar to quarter machines in the states. You know where you put your quarters in and then it pushes all the quarters forward and dumps them out. Well, the Japanese ones are much, much more fun. You get to win jackpots on them and Brian was lucky enough to win a JACKPOT. He won over 1900 medals. You save them and go back again to use them when you want to waste more time!

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Sherry I love to read your blog:) I just get so excited and emotional your your words:)