Monday, May 18, 2009

Vina Walk Store Finds

We have been in Japan long enough for me to find a few places to shop that I absolutely love. One of those places is Vina Walk. It has all the requisite American-like things that you tend to miss. Like Starbucks, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Outback Steakhouse, a movie theater, a game center (arcade), and much, much more. There is a HUGE dept. store, a pet store, and any other kind of shop you might want to browse in.
I have found two shop there recently that I know I will be returning to. My friend Laura and I found "B-Stationary". It is a really nice stationary store. They have more than what you would normally think a stationary store will have. We found some Japanese writing pads and envelopes that are absolutley exquisite. They have a smattering of photo albums, scrapbooking stuff, pens galore, stickers galore, lots of childrens diaries and stuff. I saw things that I never dreamed of seeing in the states. My favorite purchases so far: Some Japanese post cards in English. They have a very cute little girl on them talking to a polar bear. I found a travel notebook. It has a small notepad and a small accordian file that fits in your purse. I keep my ticket stubs and other things that I pick up being a tourist and this will come in very handy. I purchased some really nice cards and japanese stickers for my scrapbooking. I can't wait to go back in 6 months and see what they have new.
The second store is called "Four Seasons". If you are a Francophile, this is the store for you. EVERYTHING in the store is French manufactured by a Japanese company. They had so many cute things, I stayed in there for an hour browsing. I purchased a long handled dust pan and broom that is in the shape of a duck. A little tiny jar that had Paris stuff on it and "made in Japan" and a metal scroll sign that says "Welcome" that I want to hang at the front door. I must go back to this store, I saw about 10 other things that I have to have!!

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