Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sumo Elimination Tournament

My family and I went on the MWR tour to see the 2009 Sumo Elimination Tournament. It is a little different from the normal Sumo Tournament. The tournaments are 4 times per year and last 15 days. The once per year Elimination Tournament is all done in one day! SUGGESTION: Do a little bit of research the day before about sumo and the current wrestlers, this will improve your enjoyment of the day! The bus ride took about an hour and a half. We arrived at the Ryogoku Kokugikan at about noon and promptly were shown to our seats. They were just starting the next to highest level of tournaments. We easily found a food booth to grab some hamburgers/fries/hot dogs and my hubby had a meatball inside a hot roll. The food was a little high, but not ridiculous. You can also find snacks and sodas and ice cream. We were able to get some nice souvenirs for a reasonable price. The seats that we were given were very good seats. MWR purchases "A" seats, which are on the 2nd floor in chairs right at the front. We could see the matches very well and take wonderful pictures. We even were able to have our picture taken with a sumo wrestler. He was HUGE. The matches make for a long day, so I suggest taking the first part of the day to walk around, take pictures, grab some food and if it is open, go to the museum. Then settle in for the kids training which you don't want to miss!! They pick boys 12 and under to go out with two sumo wrestlers and knock around a bit. It was delightful. If you have a 12 or under boy, you may want to try to get them in training. Just remember that they have to put the diaper thing on and may feel very self concious in front of all those people!! But, boy is it worth it!! The matches themselves do not last long. Some are more exciting than others! You will see some of the wrestlers have attitude and the crowd really gets into those matches. Of course as the elimination goes forward, the crowd gets more excited. You will be able to tell the crowd favorites when they shout out their names over and over. My whole family loved this event and I recommend it for everyone. This is definitly worth the money and the time!

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