Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Landmark Tower/Queen's Square Yokohama/New Sanno

The tour is New Sanno Brunch and Queen's Square Yokohama. We went today and had lots of fun!!As always, the New Sanno Brunch is a MUST DO!! We had about 4 hours when they dropped as at the Queen's Square area. They actually stopped right in front of the Yokohama Art Museum. I didn't go in, I shopped too much!! I will go back for that!! In this area, you have way too many things to choose from! Queen's Square buildings and Landmark Tower all have upscale wonderful shopping. Hard Rock Yokohama is in the Queen's square building. There is a book store called "Yurindo". In the back of the book store, they have a whole section for English speakers. If you are teaching English, there are a lot of books here. They carry my personal Favorite: The Original Point and Speak Phrasebook for 1500 yen. Hard Rock Yokohama is in the Queen's square building. For some weird reason they were closed today so we have to go back. I have heard the prices are almost double from the states, so you may just want to get dessert there! Landmark Tower is the tallest building in Yokohama (Rappongi Hills Tower is the tallest in Japan.) However, it's pretty darn tall! It has the fastest elevator in the world!! *TIP-If you are having any problems with your ears DO NOT get on the elevator!!!! It takes 40 seconds to go 69 floors!! That is FAST!! Your ears pop!! This is a must do destination!! The admission is 1000 yen for adults and high school students are 800 yen and junior and elem is 500 yen and little ones are probably free. On the 69th floor there is a cafe, a gift shop, and some other small shops. There is a poster map you can purchase that is the view from the tower and it actually has NAF Atsugi on it and lists all the Mountain names. Very nice! There is an amazing 360 degree view from the observatory. You can see the Cosmo World (?) amusement park from up there! Very cool! Cosmo World has a bunch of kids ride, a huge ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a log flume type ride, and lots of other stuff. Nippon Maru is there, you'll have to look that up, it's some kind of old tall ship you can explore.There's lots and lots of other things too! Do some research before you take the tour or go there on your own!! You can spend a whole day for sure!!My whole family enjoyed this tour and it was well worth the money! You don't have to spend any money eating because you've already had brunch!!

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