Saturday, January 24, 2009

Train Ride to An Audition for Ashley

My friend Julie invited me to tag along to take her daughter Ashley to an audition for a modeling job. All the modeling agency told her was that it was for a CD jacket. I'll get to that in a moment.....

Riding trains here in Japan is relatively easy as long as you understand the basics of the train system. For our trip, we needed to take 3 different trains. This does give one a certain amount of anxiety no matter what city you are taking the trains in. However, I do have a trusty train map that I guard like my wallet while traveling. The map to the left is the one found inside the train station. This is just one of the small maps with only a few of the train lines on it. There are around 40 different subway lines that you can take in the Greater Tokyo area. It is the major mode of transportation.
The Japanese government is trying to make it easier for foreigners to live and vacation in Japan. Most of the train stations have just enough English to help you out. One most excellent thing is that the ticket dispensers have a bright button to click that says "English" to purchase your tickets. They also dispense what is called a PASMO card that you can personalize with your name. You can load as much money as you want on the card. And if you lose it, you go to the window and they will refund the balance on your card or give you a new one. The train stations are very clean and if you look really lost a friendly person will always come up to help point you in the right direction. Once you reach the platform, you can always ask a station employee if you are taking the right train. It is a very efficient way to get around!!
Now, back to the audition.... The base hosts a modeling fair twice per year. In a country of 120 million people, there are only 3 % foreigners. Half of that are other asian nationalities. That means that probably less than 1% are caucasion, American or otherwise. If you put an American or other foreigner that is non-asian on an advertisement or other medium, it draws attention easily. What this means for us, is that you can be paid very well for modeling jobs. The jobs can range from print advertising, to commercials to voice narration. The pay is very good!

Ms. Ashley's audition was for a children's cd cover. The audition was at Sony Music Entertainment which was VERY COOL!! She just went in with the modeling agency agent and they asked for her name and they gave her picture. She will find out in a few days if she gets the job and how much she will be paid.
We saw this beautiful building and I asked the Agent what the building was. I thought maybe it was a hotel. But she said it was where they make wedding dresses. It must be VERY Expensive wedding dresses!!!

Bryan wants to see if he can do some narrating work. We will see..... The next modeling fair is in April.

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