Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Did you know that it is the Year of the Cow? I have seen funny cards saying, "Happy Moo Year!" My husband's birthday is 12/31. So every year we have to go out and celebrate (his idea). This year was no different. We went to the Officer's Club New Year's Casino Night Party. We had good friends there too! Laura & Boyden and Julie & Charles. There were others there as well. We had a very good time and was glad to welcome in the New Year! Oh, and just so you know, next year is the Year of the Tiger! That should be fun to get souvenirs!
We took our first tour of the year to the New Sanno Hotel Sunday Brunch in Tokyo and to the Sunshine 60 Aquarium and shopping complex. The New Sanno is a military (or DOD) owned hotel in downtown Tokyo. It is very near the popular Rappongi area of town. The hotel was beautiful. We had heard marvelous things about their Sunday Brunch and it did not disappoint! The ice sculpture above is a cow celebrating the Year of the Cow at the brunch. Our friends Laura and Gabe and Bryan's friend Brad are in the picture with us. The food was fabulous. They had every imaginable food you could want for brunch and then some. They had a whole section of just kids food. It was so yummy we're going back in February for another tour. While we were there we made overnight reservations for our Anniversary coming up the beg. of March. The hotel was beautiful and I'm sure we will enjoy our stay. There is 3 restaurants and several stores for shopping. I also heard their is a spa and a beauty salon. The indoor pool has a gorgeous mural on the wall surrounding the pool.

Our next stop on the tour was to the Sunshine 60 Aquarium and shopping center. It is difficult to describe this center. It is 3 or 4 very tall city buildings that are connected on the lower floors. The lower 3 floors are a shopping mall with everything imagineable for sale. Lots of clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and dept. stores. There is also some sort of kids place that we aren't completely sure what all was there. Our first stop was to go to the aquarium on the top of one of the buildings. Imagine that! On top of the building! It was a very nice but small aquarium. We did get to see penguins!

When we were done going through the aquarium we went downstairs for some serious shopping for about 2 1/2 hours. They actually had a store with larger size women's clothes in it. I didn't see anything I wanted but shoes. The boys had fun walking around making googly eyes at the girls. And the girls enjoyed giggling at the boys. I bought a very pretty Hawaiian necklace that has my initial charm on it. It is sterling silver and has flowers engraved on it. Hawaiian items are very popular here in Japan, but not as popular as American items!! We all get a kick of reading the incorrect English t-shirts that are super popular here. We were ready to go home after a long day!

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