Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sanrio Puroland - A Trip to HELLO KITTY World!

I wanted to do something silly a few weeks ago. We had a Sunday with nothing scheduled. I looked through my trusty map box and came out with the map to Sanrio Puroland. I did a little fast talking and my husband agreed. I suggested we take the train, but hubby said, it's only about 20 kilometers, so lets drive. Ha ha ha. I don't know why I listen to that man.....LOL! 2 hours later, we arrive at Sanrio Puroland.

I had heard that there was a five story Hello Kitty store inside and that was why I wanted to go. I was wrong, the big store is in Yokohama. We park in the parking garage and walk towards Sanrio Puroland. WOW! What an entrance! We said to each other, "this place is huge!". We walked up the stairs and over to the ticket booth and I tried to explain that I wanted to go to the store inside. The lady showed us the ticket prices and it was 3000 yen to get in the door! That's a little over $30.00 just to go in!! Then she showed us that if we waited until 4 p.m it reduced to 2000 yen. I motioned I would come back at 4 p.m.

Hubby and I talked and he said, "I'll look around you go back at 4." We had about 30 minutes to kill, so we walked straight from the Puroland. There was a Wendy's, a McDonald's, a 100 YEN store, and a Sega Land. We went into Wendy's and grabbed a small frosty, YUM! Then walked down to Sega Land. Just what we expected, a game center. Hubby decided to stay there while I walked back to Sanrio Puroland.

I paid my 2000 yen and walked inside. WOW! and DOUBLE WOW! This place was a little people's paradise. Think Disney's "It's a Small World" theme. It was a total kiddie land. You could take a boat ride, play games, dress up for photo's, visit Hello Kitty's life size house, see a live show, watch hello kitty on a huge big screen, eat ice cream in Hello Kitty cups, etc., etc., etc. Man, I wished I was little again! OR at least had a little girl with me!

I did go to the store. I did spend too much money. Afterwards, my loving husband said, "so, How much did you spend?" Then he said, "Nah, don't tell me, I hope you had fun." Aaawwww, he can be a real sweetie when it's important!


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