Friday, April 24, 2009

Flowers in Japan

I have had lots of fun going around my neighborhood and surrounding areas just taking pictures of the flowers. They are beautiful!!

I am amazed by how similar, but how different the flowers are. They have lots that are the same like pansies, etc.

They have Japanese Azaleas that are different than our azaleas in Virginia. I hope to bring some bulbs back with me when we go home.
I have put flowers out on my fence. I have four different buckets. Then, on my porch, I have 11 different buckets of flowers. They are so pretty and happy. I really enjoyed putting them out.
Around the house, I have wild salmon colored poppies growing. It looked like a bunch of weeds at first, then the poppies started blooming. I'm waiting for them to die off so I can borrow a weed eater to get rid of the weeds.
I wish you all could see how beautiful Japan is at this time of year.

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