Saturday, March 8, 2008

Check, Check, Check, Working on the List

March has arrived! Busy, Busy, Busy, this and that, oops! What did I miss?

Work has been crazy finished up inventory for a gift shop. Soooo many things to count and re-count. Whew! Glad I made it through. So Good to be DONE!

Dolly and Jenks are doing excellent and glad we don't have to see a vet until the end of October.

The Japan PCS list has been reduced by a few important items. We have been found acceptable for overseas assignment. DH's package has been turned in and moving through PSD approvals. They should send for family entry approval next week.

We finally received the last regular travel passport we were waiting for. Next week we will go to see Dam Neck to apply for the No-Fee Passports.

We have also set up the appt for April for the Personal property scheduling. The boys and I have appt's for a dental cleaning in April too. Bryan goes in March to get ready for Braces as well.

Check, Check, Check, Busy, Busy, Busy......What's next?

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ablykins said...

February sounds like it was a busy month for you guys! Congrats on getting so much done for your upcoming PCS! Getting medical screenings and passports out of the way is always wonderful and a big weight off your shoulders! Kudos on all you have gotten one!