Saturday, November 10, 2007


Wow! I'm very surprised! They sent our orders already!

School from 5/08-10/1/08. We have to report to Japan no later than 11/10/08. This means that we will probably go sometime around 10/10/08. If we go early, hubby can help with housing and everything else that has to be done when we get there!

I am spending a little time trying to make some contacts and find others already in Atsugi or on their way! I am trying to do research about the area and just find cool things that I think the boys may be interested in.

I called the Fort Story vet and am to call back next week to get Dolly and Mr. Jenks in for microchipping. We are going to get passport pics at Walgreen's. That is it for prep at the moment.

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