Monday, October 13, 2008

American Rover Birthday

What a weekend! My Dad and StepMom came to visit for the weekend! My Bryan's birthday is at the beginning of Nov. Since we will already be in Japan, we surprised him early. We all went on the American Rover Tall Ship for his birthday. It is a 2 hour cruise around the Norfolk Harbor.

We had lunch at Chili's at MacArthur Mall first then wandered over to Waterside to buy the tickets. It is a very reasonably priced cruise. $16 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Bryan's best friend Jerry also joined us! Their favorite part was walking all over the ship and going below deck. They had a wandering musician who sang and played guitar. He sang Bryan Happy Birthday!

The boys had a good time at Waterside sliding down the railings. Bryan's Grandma Linda bought him a digital camera for his birthday so he was happily taking pictures. On Sunday, we went bowling and MOM beat everyone the first game. It was my highest score ever at 178! Bryan won the second game so he was very excited to have beat Grandpa!

We all went for a nice meal afterwards to Buffalo Wild Wing. It was yummy and lots of fun with everyone watching the football games.

Thanks to my parents for a wonderful weekend! Now I am busy, busy, busy getting ready for the movers coming tomorrow to pick up our long-term storage. UGH!

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