Monday, June 2, 2008

5 Months and Counting Down . . .

Well we've made it to June. May was so incredibly busy for us. In 30 days I went to Georgia, WVA, and Colorado and saw a lot of my family members. My beautiful Niece, Kathryn Danielle graduated from High School. My son went to Prom this past Saturday and he graduates next week. Very hard to believe it has arrived!!

We had a very successful moving yard sale this past Saturday. What was left we are selling on Craig's list or have donated or given away. My husband is diligently working on getting the house ready for sale. The rest of us are too. So very much to do. I just had to take a break and do some emailing and blogging.

Even though it has been a royal pain to clean out all of our stuff, I know it will be a good thing. When we return to the states we won't have as much junk. We want to build our own house when we return. We just haven't decided where. That's another adventure....

Our new pool is completely installed and beautiful. The kids are already enjoying it. After the 90 degree weather this past weekend, we were able to take a dip as well. I can't wait to really enjoy my backyard this summer with my kids. This is the first time I will not be working since my youngest was born. He's 12 now. He is absolutely thrilled that Mom is spending the summer with him.

The house will go up for sale in about two weeks. Just doing a thorough cleaning, touching up paint and changing some bathroom fixtures. All of the heavy work is done. I will miss our home. We have been very happy here. We are praying that the house sells before we move to Japan. If it doesn't we've decided to rent it out. That should be interesting, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

5 months left. We've known about moving for 6 months and it went pretty quickly. Hard to believe it is really going to happen. Thank goodness we are on schedule with everything. I feel so lucky compared to other families who have had so little notice that they are going overseas.

Time to go jump in the pool!

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Crystal said...

Hi, I'm crystal. I stumbled upon your blog from googling Atsugi and families. There just isn't very much info out there.

You certainly have had a lot of notice! We got orders 25 Jun and have a RNLTD of 31 Jul. Things are stressful.

I'm very nervous about our Dependent Entry Approval. It hasn't even been sent yet because Pensacola is jerking my hubby around.

He'll be attached to a squadron, he's an AVT. Looks like your hubs has something to do with airplanes...maybe they will be attached to the same squadron. 27th I think.

Anyways, good luck getting your house ready. :)